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minh phuong

Minh Phuong Technology Co., Ltd

As importers, distributors, maintenance, warranty formal generator of generator manufacturers worldwide reputation. We always try our best to provide our customers with products and services generators competitive price, genuine quality and after-sales services most.
The main services we include: selling new generator, generator maintenance from normal to medium repair and overhaul. Replace the filter, oil change periodically generator. Provide genuine parts. Periodic inspection of the generator. year maintenance contract for generator & electrical systems. Consulting generator installation. Consultancy for installing soundproof generators & generator room. Advice & installation of synchronizing generators. Synchronizing the generator to the grid. Consultant selection generator. Design Consultant & generator room. Rental generators. Advice & handling flue noise generator Vietnam environmental standards. Handling, vibration generator. Advice, supply and installation of Heat-Exchanger, Cooling Tower, Remote Radiator ... generator system ...
With the motto: Prestige - Quality - Always Have a reasonable solution, customers will feel secure when using the services of our package.

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